Saturday, 4 April 2015

Footballer Direct Reviews!

Footballer Direct Reviews!

We want to hear from you!

Footballer Direct has undergone a huge transformation in the last two years. As you will see in the video at the end of this post, our website has been improved drastically. This is as a result of feedback that we get from you, the user. If you have suggestions, drop us a line via Facebook or our website and we'd love to hear them.

Footballer Direct Outreach

We approached Daniel, the manager of an amateur U-16s team in Hampshire to see if he would be interested in using Footballer Direct. He wrote us some fantastic feedback!

Hi Paul, I had a look at your website. You guys have clearly spent a lot of time on this! It's very professional. I don't know how you can run it for free - I assume you have a long term plan in mind but for the time being its great that kids can just sign up and not have to pester their parents for a card! As far as my team goes, I don't know how useful Footballer Direct would be as we're very amateur, but I'll let the boys know about the site and if some of them want to sign up it's up to them. Thanks for touching base, great to meet you. Daniel W.

Footballer Direct

If you want to find out more about Footballer Direct, watch the video below this post and check out our website. Let us know your thoughts on how we can improve and what features you would like to see!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Footballer Direct Site Review

Footballer Direct Site Review

Welcome to the Footballer Direct Review blog. Being full of energy and keen to improve is vital to any footballer wanting to be given a chance by a good league side but a lot of getting noticed comes down to luck. Football scouts see a lot of new players every week, but only one or two will get taken into the youth teams of the biggest clubs and very few taken into the first team eventually. In the UK, international signings are high, with some clubs having no domestic players at all. We think this is a shame, and encourage the growth of grassroots football and hope that teams will put more emphasis on youth training, which will inevitably lead to a stronger national side. 

Here is one young Bulgarian player who made his Player Passport on Footballer Direct and appears to be very keen, and also very skilled. This is part of his Player Passport!

Footballer Direct

Making your own profile is easy. If you want to view Kalin's full profile, visit the Footballer Direct website. Once you've signed in, you can even add scores of recent matches and more details to the Match Report section, see below.

Footballer Direct

To find out more about Footballer Direct and what we can offer you as a footballer, you can read the other Footballer Direct blogs and watch the video below. We're working on a new video to reflect the new look website, so watch this space!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Footballer Direct: February's Transfers

Footballer Direct Review Recent Transfer Action

The Footballer Direct platform is possibly the biggest innovation that football talent scouting has seen in the digital era. Our increased functionality allows you as a player, or as a scout or manager, the chance to present yourself to a wider footballing audience. As as scout, you want to have an overview of an individual's key talents and experience before making a decision on whether to contact them. Our Player Passport, made by all players, allows you to see all of these - and even video footage of their highlights. Here is a quick roundup of the transfers as of February 3rd.

Footballer Direct
The Footballer Direct Homepage

Dame N'Doye [Lokomotiv Moscow - Hull] 
Stuart Armstrong [Dundee United - Celtic] 
Gary Mackay-Steven [Dundee United - Celtic] 
Darren Fletcher [Manchester United - West Brom] 
Dele Alli [MK Dons - Tottenham] 
Ryan Bertrand [Chelsea - Southampton] 
Wilfried Zaha [Manchester United - Crystal Palace] 
Aaron Lennon [Tottenham - Everton] 
Lee Chung-yong [Bolton - Crystal Palace] 
Mohamed Salah [Chelsea - Fiorentina] 
Filip Djuricic [Benfica - Southampton] 
Juan Cuadrado [Fiorentina - Chelsea] £23.3m
Andre Schurrle [Chelsea - Wolfsburg] £22m
Robert Huth [Stoke - Leicester] 

Footballer Direct take a professional approach in everything we do. Once your Player Passport is complete and live online you can track vacancies at clubs, apply to managers, talk to other players, make friends, and most importantly, get yourself noticed. 

Gain invitations special events and be hear about exclusive promotions that are only open to Footballer Direct members. Take this opportunity to liaise with industry professionals you never dreamed of meeting and join Footballer Direct in the future of unsigned football.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Footballer Direct Website Reviews

Footballer Direct Website Reviews

Footballer Direct have invested heavily in creating the worlds most unique football talent scouting platform. Our incredible new website enables you, as a player, a manager, or a club owner, to create your own Player Passport detailing your strengths, your experience, and your skills. It is possible to upload your own skills videos, provide details on your best positions, and list achievements you have had. These can be anything, from a school trophy to a local semi-pro side victory. The team here at Footballer Direct thought we should get some feedback on our new-look website and see what people thought of it. This is what they had to say.

First impressions were that its slick, well made and pretty easy to navigate. I logged in with my Facebook details because it was easier and had a basic profile set up within a few minutes. I think if more people make profiles, this has the potential to be the best thing of its type in the world. Noone else has done it to this level. I hope that in a few months we start hearing some success stories, some great positions advertised on there and I'm sure you guys would be very happy to have them filled by Footballer Direct players. All the best, thanks for asking my opinion. Dan

Footballer Direct
Footballer Direct Homepage
The main question I had before even visiting the site was, "is it free?" I was wondering how a company could make a free platform, as you say, of this standard. I quickly realised that it was in fact free and really couldn't believe it. The options you have as a player to create your own profile, that you can show to people and feel proud, are second to none. I wish I was a bit younger! I'd have loved something like this back in the 90s, it's amazing how technology changes things. I wish you a great Christmas and I'm looking forward to seeing how Footballer Direct evolves and, I'm sure, succeeds. Tom

To find out more about Footballer Direct and even create your own Player Passport, visit the Footballer Direct website and also find out more about how it all works on the other Footballer Direct blogs. The video below was made before our new look, but it tells you all about the features we wanted to include in the finished product. Looking forward to seeing your profile online!